Since it became a trend to produce localized videos of Pharell’s worldwide hit ‘Happy’, everybody had been waiting for ‘The African Happy’. Well, we soon got more than we’d ask for, from all over the continent and created by people from different walks of life (including expats in Kenya, if you were wondering what their lives look like).

By now, it’s hard to surprise us anymore with your Happy, but our hearts beat a little faster by seeing that Xuman recorded a version. One of our favorite Senegalese emcees, and part of the team that does the Journal Rappé, Xuman didn’t just pick up a video camera and shoot, he went into the studio and added his vocals.

The result is an instant hit, since it was posted yesterday the video already did 25,000 views – that’s more than the Journal Rappé does in six months. Check it out, and if you’re familiar with Senegalese music you may recognize a few people in here.