Alpha Royce, previously known as ‘Beey Royce,’ is a 21 year old artist from Soweto. The name change marks a significant change in the artist’s life as she is in her final year of a BA degree in Media Studies at WITS University and plans to focus on music fulltime.

“Beta” is the second letter of the Greek alphabet and “Alpha” is the first letter of the Greek Alphabet. The move from ”Beey(ta)” to “Alpha” signifies a new beginning and a transition musically where her art has progressed to the point where she feels she is ready to make a significant impact in the music industry. She went from second (Beey) to being the first or the head (Alpha) and a strong character who is able to convey emotion in her music through the use of different types of subject matter which makes her relatable as well as the versatility and uniqueness of her sound which combines mainly R&B, hip hop & minor elements of other genres such as the iconic synths present within disco music.


The artist refrains from showing her face in her pictures and says “it’s because I want people to focus on the art, not how I look. I think I also like being mysterious. It’s also a play on my name ‘Alpha,’ nobody really knows what happened at the beginning of time or what it looked like. If you want to see my face, watch my vlog on YouTube REAL ONES SA,” she says.

Alpha Royce’s first release of the year “No Love” is followed by a song called “Without You.” In No Love, she speaks about her experiences with depression and how abandoned she feels by those around her. “Without You” is the perfect follow up as it focuses on being whole without someone you thought you could never live without. The song is short yet very empowering (particularly for women) as it sends the message that the only person one needs is themselves and that one should always believe in what they do. Alpha Royce is anticipating her first project which drops next year in 2017. “I was supposed to drop in 2016, but I was still finding my sound,” she says. Alpha Royce adds that she would rather take time to craft a unique sound than rush to release a sub-par project. She is ALPHA, after-all.


For more information:

Bathabile Modiba (Alpha Royce)
Twitter & Instagram: @hernameisalpha
Phone: +27626520824
Postal: 3158 Naledi Ext
P.O. Kwa Xuma
1868 Soweto
South Africa