For those not acquainted with Gabriel Teodros, I’ll bring you up to speed. He is a community-engaged talented hip hop artist and members of the groups Abyssinian Creole and CopperWire. He has several solo and collaborative albums under his belt including Lovework, Colored People’s Time Machine, Sexy Beast and Earthbound, just to name a few.

In October 2014, Gabriel released his latest album Evidence Of Things Not Seen, which features production from SoulChef from New Zealand.

Black Love was the first single off the album; it features Ethiopian-Canadian singer/mc Sarah Mk and is also a short film which was shot on a 16mm camera by Nsoromma, a Pan-Africanist arts movement. The film was completely hand edited with no digital enhancements, and experimented on by the filmmaker using, among other things, dyes created from roses, frankincense and sage.


Black Love – A short film directed by Shimby & produced by Nsoromma

“James Baldwin has been a huge inspiration on my writing and life in general these last few years, and he definitely was the biggest inspiration on this album in particular. The title Evidence Of Things Not Seen has several intended meanings, in the same way I believe it did for Baldwin when he authored a book with the same title in 1985. It’s about the feeling of not being seen in different ways, and it’s about seeing things before they actually happen. It’s also about how much faith it takes to be an uncompromising independent musician in this day and age, and is a collaboration between musicians who have never set foot on the same land.”


Available now on iTunes, Amazon, etc. and with a digital book of lyrics exclusively on Bandcamp.