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“The SUPER MC is the one that can spit in more than two languages… American rappers can’t compete with that!”
– Chuck D (Public Enemy)

SUPER MC is a track inspired by an interview that Nomadic Wax’s Ben Herson and Magee McIlvaine did on Chuck D’s radio show a couple years ago. After discussing the Democracy in Dakar film and the many talented bilingual MCs across the African continent, Chuck D claimed, “If you can rhyme in more than two languages and braid them together… an American rapper cannot compete with that” and also “A superemcee is the one who can spit in more than two languages. That is the mark of a super rapper.” You can actually hear that radio sample at the end of the SUPER MC track.

On “SUPER MC“, Nomadic Wax pulls together a group of bilingual MCs in a showcase of their amazing linguistic abilities. All but one of the MCs on the track live in North America. Each artist was tasked with the challenge of skillfully and playfully flexing their bilingual skills in a single verse over a beat provided by Italy’s Dj Nio, and coupled with cuts from Dj Boo.

International hip hop and connecting artists globally is very important to us on a personal level at Nomadic Wax. With English, Arabic, French, Shona, Spanish, and Wolof represented on the track, this kind of a track is a hip hop reflection of the multilingual world in which we live. We hope you enjoy it. Get it for free here.