Reppin’ Ghana, M.O.A.’s ‘Sweet Moda‘ track is easily one of my favorite all time singles. Up there with Tumi’s ‘Once Upon A Time [in Africa],’ this track is an instant classic. The track is defined by M.O.A.’s smooth flow, seamless language transitions and varied flow patterns. The chorus is so catchy, and M.O.A.’s voice is infectious. M.O.A. is able to capture his experiences as a young man in West Africa, and here in the Diaspora, and his pride for his continent, all sentiments and experiences shared by some many people all around the world.

MOA & John Moon team up on this new remix from Nomadic Wax

Over the past few weeks, Nomadic Wax teamed MOA up with DC based emcee/producer John Moon of the Cornel West theory to create a new version of the classic track. John flipped the entire sound of the track, giving it a more luxurious and spacey vibe as opposed to the original, more crunchy sample-based track.




The remixed version feels like a whole new song. Who knew I could love M.O.A.’s track even more?

Get the track for FREE here:

Stay tuned on a video for the track coming soon!