The lyrics could have been written by Fela though – remember ITT (International Thief Thief, Fela’s version of the acronym to Nigeria’s telecommunications company) – here IMF stands not for the International Monetary Fund, but International Motherfucker (the Wikipedia page on IMF is a start to read about what the institution has been criticized for – perpetuating poverty instead of fighting it).

‘IMF’ is a single off Seun Kuti’s new six-track album ‘A long way to the beginning’ which was released last week (in Europe; Americans will have to wait 2 months apparently) – cop it on iTunes or pre-order the cd from Amazon. Meanwhile, Seun and his Egypt 80 band are touring Belgium and France in March and April, dates here.

In other news, if you were ever lusting to listen to all of Fela Kuti’s albums, they are now freely available for streaming via the official Fela Bandcamp page here. That’s 45 albums and three compilations! Downloads are also available at 11$ per album.