After a hiatus of more than a year, the pan-African edition of African Hip Hop Radio is back! The updates are now coming to you on a monthly basis with presenters and deejays from all around the motherland and diaspora. The May 2010 edition kicks off with a new addition to the team: Dwilly from Zanzibar who represents both Tanzania and Uganda through his affiliation with Bavubuka. Dwilly delves into a recent trend in Tanzanian music: Bongo crunk.

On the other side of the ocean is Dj Dona with his uptempo dj-mix combining songs from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Amal & J4 present their part from the FunX studio in Amsterdam with dj Threesixty live on the decks, and they talk to British/Nigerian emcee TY about his newly released album.

African Hip Hop Radio – May 2010

Part 1 (Amal & J4 & dj Threesixty, Netherlands)
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Part 2 (Dwilly, Zanzibar, Tanzania)
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Part 3 (Dj Dona, Kenya/USA)
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Dwilly – Zanzibar, Tanzania
While attending the Sauti za Busara festival in Zanzibar, Tanzania, where dj Threesixty (Bamba Nazar) performed with his band, we ran into dj Dwilly who runs a hip hop and reggae show on Hits FM, one of a handful of stations targeting the island youth. Dwilly is originally from Uganda but now lives in Zanzibar.
Picture: Dwilly & co-presenter at Hits FM

In his first show for African hip hop radio he looks at a recent phenomenon in Tanzanian hip hop: ‘Bongo crunk’, which as the name suggests leans heavily on southern beats and Swahili rhymes. ‘Usijaribu’ by AY was an early example and even Fid Q recently included a crunk style track on his album.

Amal & J4 – Netherlands
Ty – Get to the Sky feat. Vula Malinga & Terri Walker
Amkoullel – Farafina
Nigga Poisson – Ka bu complica
Tumi & The Volume – Floor
Consequence – Your Luck’s Gonna Run Out Soon
Zone Fam & Teckzilla – Final Chapter
Sun Sooley – Day D
Sun Sooley – Dread a Lion
Yannick & ThugPaxion (TDM) – Nu kata para (ft.Celso Ivo e Ara-fat)
Femi Kuti – Tell me (Jeremy Sole’s Musaics remix feat. Ticklah)
MFB – Boredom Pain
Emma Dorgu – Rover Man
TKZee – Thata Eezy
Bampa Nathi – TKZee
Tiembelema – African Connection
Paradise Stars – Boogie Train
Ty – Emotions feat. Sarina Leah & Shaun Escoffery
Ty – Happiness feat. Vula Malinga
Sun Sooley – Safarà
Detroit Kabuverdianu – Músika
Central Side feat Kingston – Mi é di Guetto
Ben Sharpa – Hegemony
Negrissim – My People

Dj Dona – Kenya/USA
Based in the USA but always up-to-date about what is happening in East Africa, dj Dona frequently drops mixes on the web and on his radio show. This mix explores the various corners of kapuka, bongo flava and other urban hybrids from the eastern part of Africa.

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