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October 2008 - Steppin it up again with three new international recordings as well as a new weekly slot on Dutch national radio! Cape Verde, Angola, Tanzania and the rest of the continent are well served in this episode. In this show, we introduce new member to the African hip hop radio family, dj Dona from Kenya, currently dwelling in the States.

Revoltod invites Cabo-Dutch artists Black Wolture and Concept to his studio for an interview and exclusive freestyles and Cavera serves up a platter of hand-picked Angolan real school tracks. Meanwhile, GMB, J4 & Threesixty are back with their regular show which is now broadcast weekly on Dutch national radio: Fun-X.

»Read more & listen: show #15 - October 2008

May 2008 - After a long absence, during which we worked hard behind the scenes on the upcoming site changes and started a local version of African hip hop radio in Dutch, the African hip hop radio team is back with monthly updates and new presenter Amal.

This show is filled to the brim with the hottest tracks from the past six months and no less than three interviews. Also from this month on, our veteran presenter Lee Kasumba (also known from YFM in Johannesburg) is back with a monthly update. In her contributions she focuses on upcoming artists from all over the African continent.

»Read more & listen: show #14 - July 2008

May 2008 - If you were wondering what the Africanhiphopradio staff has been doing for the past 3 months other than churning out shows: among other things, we started doing a new monthly show for Dutch public radio!

For a start, the new show is also called 'African hip hop radio' and it is produced by an all-star team, if we may say so: GMB (Cape Verdean/Dutch emcee/actor), Juma4 ( and legendary dj/producer Threesixty (known from productions for Freestyle Fellowship, Redman, Wa BMG44 and X Plastaz). The language of presentation is Dutch, but the show should still be interesting for non-Dutch speakers as it has a monthly selection of hot & classic tunes starting from African hip hop all the way to afrobeat and reggae. Also we have regular interviews, some of which may be heard in upcoming English language shows here at

African Hip Hop Radio at Lijn5 can be downloaded for 7 days after it comes online, and podcast subscriptions are available too.

Check out the first three shows at Lijn5:
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»April 2008 (interview with Ethio jazz legend Mulatu)
»March 2008 (1st show)
(clicking 'play' on these pages will open up a player popup).

So, what does this mean for the future production of English/Portuguese/French shows at this site? Nothing really, as we'll still be doing the pan-African updates that you have come to know from us over the past 10 years since we started out at Rumba-Kali, then Live365 and currently African hip hop radio! is the continuation of the Rumba-Kali webcast which has been online since 1998 at playing those tunes that you won't hear anywhere else.
Dj Dona from Kenya living in the USA represents East Africa in his mixes.
Lee from South Africa is back with a new series of artist profiles.
Amal represents Holland to New York to Somalia with her pick of pan African tunes.
GMB from Cape Verde representing the Cabo diaspora.
Dj Threesixty the international kingpin on the ones and twos.
Revoltod from Cape Verde presents tunes from across the islands and the Cape Verdian diaspora.
Wanlov from Ghana/Romania/USA unveils those tunes from Ghana and the rest of West Africa.
Cavera from Angola (based in Cape Town, SA) does a rundown of the best Angolan hip hop tunes.
Drew & J4 present their pan-African hip hop show with exclusive cuts from all over the continent and diaspora.
Guderian from Congo bringing ze French flava.
Boobah from Senegal/Ivory Coast (of United Nations of Hip Hop fame) reps West Africa.
Maluka from Cape Town, South Africa rocks the spot with Afrikaans and Arabic emcees.
Karim & Sphinx from Egypt bridge the gap between Africa and the Middle East.
Harry Okoh & Modenine from Nigeria get down with the sounds of the Nigerian underground.
Black Reign from the Uganda Hip Hop Foundation introduces us to what's hot in Kampala. is a project of the African Hip Hop Foundation, the people behind the website.

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