The second release in the 15 Years Online series is another short documentary from the Redefinition: African Hip Hop project. Produced by along with ‘100% Galsen‘ (Senegal) and the ‘Redefinition’ film about African hip hop artists in the Netherlands, ‘My Hip Hop’ was premiered at the 2008 edition of Africa in the Picture and later screened at a couple of other film festivals in South Africa, USA and Europe.

The overall theme of this 16-minute chapter shot in Cape Town, South Africa is similar to what is discussed in Senegal and the Netherlands: hip hop and identity. What is ‘African’ hip hop, and does a hip hop artist have the responsibility to defend the consciousness in hip hop culture? Director Shanaz Adams (SABC, South Africa) talks to a couple of seasoned and upcoming artists in Cape Town, including female emcee Shameema (Godessa), pioneer Emile YX (Black Noise / African Hip Hop Indaba), dj Azuhl, graffiti artist Faith74 and Jimmy Flex.

‘My hip hop’ was produced by Shamiel Adams (one of the cats who inspired us to start back in the days; his spoken word piece is heard in the intro) in association with Faculty of Hip Hop for Check it out in the Youtube player above, and make sure you also watch ‘100% Galsen‘ and ‘Redefinition: African Hip Hop’ (to be uploaded later this year).