Kenyan artist Muthoni combines drumming and rapping on stage in a way few hip hop artists, if any, have done before her.

She’s back with a new tune that is infectious enough to make it into the charts, and a decent video to go with it. ‘Nai ni ya who’ (Nairobi belongs to whom?) You tell us. According to Muthoni: “this song is for all those who love Nairobi as much as I do: those who live here, those who dream about coming here, those with big dreams trying to figure out how Nairobi works, those with hopes and dreams to make it in Nairobi, those who are caught up in the system called Nairobi… this song is for you’.

The single introduces Muthoni’s first full length album ‘MDQ’ which was launched last Friday. All songs from the album will be available for free, at least for Kenyans (as one needs a download code, accessed via a Kenyan SMS portal). To get the download for ‘Mai ni ya who’, visit the Standard Digital website – SDE bought the rights to the album.