In 2006, African hip hop radio first met up with K’naan for an interview after his opening up for Damian Marley’s show in Amsterdam. Three years later he’s back in town to promote the new album ‘Troubadour’ and he’s ready to talk. Amal and J4 asked him about his involuntary role as a spokesperson to the Somali pirates, about his relationship with his late aunt, the popular Somali singer Magool, and about what Damian Marley learnt from playing and recording with K’naan in Bob Marley’s studio in Kingston.

This episode was recorded for the Dutch version of African hip hop radio. Presentation is mostly in Dutch, the interview is in English.



1st hour
Despo Rutti – Cigare Nostalgies ft Lalko
Mos Def – Auditorium ft the Ruler (Slick Rick)
Boss AC – Pa nada
Moubaraka – Douane
Disiz la Peste – J’ai changé
DJ Nana featuring HHP, Tumi and Zubz – Let the Beat go
Dome Crackers – Take a look
Akil – Tahya Bledi ft Tunisiano & Aketo
Suzanna Lubrano – Homi di branco
Bisso na Bisso – Show ce soir
Lagbaja – Irho we

2nd hour
Knaan – TIA (This is Africa)
Knaan interview
Knaan – Fire in Freetown
Magool – Waly sita
Knaan – Sobaax
Knaan – I come prepared ft Damian Marley
Wale – Hot shyt ft Peedi Crakk, Black Thought, Tuphace & Young Chris
Ziggi – Love me more
Kana – Terrorisés
Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness – Vumani
Zom Zom – Elias Dya Kimuezu (Comfusoes)

3rd hour
Dj Threesixty’s ‘Peace Africa’ mix