Today is an important day in the history of Zimbabwe – will Mugabe finally loose out to the opposition, and will a possible victory of Tsvangirai and his MDC be admitted by the reigning elite? Among fears over whether this year’s elections will be fair and free of violence and oppression, the two opponents pick up the mic and battle it out! See for yourself… the Mugabe vs Tsvangirai Rap Battle 2013, produced by BlazTV.

The video, starring Robert M and M.organ, is a creative take on the heated election campaigns of the past days, and as lighthearted as it may look, it comes with a serious disclaimer which among other things states that ‘neither Candidates are battle rappers or use some of the colorful language used by our caricatured animated versions of them’, presumably because of the sensitivity of the government towards anything that may look like an attack on the sitting president and his party. Today the people speak, may their choice be acknowledged!