Indeed this space in recent months has become like a permanent stream of news about Blitz, a ‘blizzard’ of quality releases so to say, and we just had to support the man in his non-stop journey towards greatness. Then, in anticipation of his ‘Warm Up EP’, to drop this month still, we caught word of a collabo between Blitz and Nneka and Ty which led us to predict a ‘track of the year’ status!

Now at we love a good collabo, see the Boom Africa EP that we initiated last year between Baloji, Kalaf, Gery Mendes (GMB), Okmalumkoolkat and Bamba Nazar (Dj Threesixty) – more about the release soon, as the last track finally left the mixing console this week.

The beautiful thing about ‘Bisa’ is that it combines three artists who all bring in a bit of what tries to represent – lyricism based in the original school of hip hop, conscious lyrics, a genuine interest in the advancement of the African continent and dope beats, among others. Just check out ‘Bisa’ and judge for yourself if this is the classic collabo one would expect to hear from Ty, Nneka and Blitz.


Download the track from Blitz’ Bandcamp page, or wait until next week to buy the Warm Up EP – limited vinyls available in pre-order, too.