Even though we celebrate women everyday and firmly believe that African women run most of the African economies (lets feed the world more stereotypes), I would like to use my first blog post since a decade to praise some grand African female artists. We’ve already promised you that we’ll play more femme fatale hip hop during our next Africanhiphop.com radio show, but perhaps today is a perfect excuse to kick off with some great music by African women.


Nneka – “The Uncomfortable Truth”(Nigeria)

Nneka, the musician, vocalist and Naija’s consciousness has been around for a while, but is finally breaking through the music industry’s iron walls. Currently in Lagos to keep the spirit of Occupy Nigeria alive, a movement which fights the crippling effects of corruption on the lives of millions of Nigerians. Her new album titled “Soul is Heavy” was released in the US this week and builds on her familiar mash-up of soulful Naija music.


Makongo vs. DJ Malvado – “Kisselenguenha” (Angola)

The Angolan Petty is one of the leading ladies of Kuduro and one of the main vocalists of the first Buraka Som Sistema E.P. ‘From Buraka to the World’. Unfortunately, I do not comprehend Portugese nor do I know why Petty left Buraka Som Sistema but Petty’s confident flow on “Yah”  was and still is quite mesmerizing. With her current crew Makongo, she released in 2009 a video to the warrior-hype song “Kisselenguenha”. You might have to break a move to this club banger.


Godessa – “Mindz Ablaze” (South Africa)

One of my all time favorite hip hop trio is Godessa. Three South African mcs who brought us boom bap hip hop with a twist. The beat, rhymes and vibe on the hip hop classic “Mind Ablaze” beam like sunlight. For those of you who wonder what happened to Godessa, check this recap with Burni Aman, J4 and moi on the Africanhiphop.com radio show.


Dama Do Bling – “Moza Girl” (Mozambique)

Mozambique has a lively music scene. However, that’s a theme for another special. Lets rather focus on the Moza hip hop star who should be on your radar; miss Dama Do Bling. Since her successful second album “Chamadas Para A Bling”, her name has been spreading across the continent like a wildfire. She has the potential to reach a large crowd. Now, let’s hope that Diplo discovers her soon and brings hipster fame to the Moza music scene.


Keko – “How We Do It” (Uganda)

The side effects of being East African is that one always promotes their own artists. I’ll skip the horn for now, but since Uganda is on the lips of every cute digital activist, I’ll bring to you Keko with her Ugandan anthem “How We Do It”. Perhaps her accent might confuse the average hip hop fan, but I can guarantee you that they go hard on this song in the clubs of Kampala.