African hip hop radio: BCUC

On the Dutch edition of African hip hop radio we have had an impressive number of artists phoning in and visiting the studio. The latter often impressed us with a little live session. These can be heard back by listening to our archived shows but to honour their talent, our last show in 2009 was an overview of some of the best studio sessions at African hip hop radio in 2008 and 2009.

Stream or download the African hip hop radio Live Sessions with GMB, Rootsriders (NL), Jitsvinger (South Africa), Blakk Rasta (Ghana), Ali Kiba (Tanzania), Sauti Sol, Stan & Dela (Kenya), Vieira (NL), Tony Cabral (NL), Fidjus di Cabral (Cabo/Portugal, Bantu Continua Uhuru Consciousness (South Africa), Mame Balla (Gambia), Devious D, I Amaze and Enzo from Slaghuis (South Africa). The second hour is a non-stop mix by African hip hop radio dj Threesixty a.k.a. Bamba Nazar.

Listen (stream, 2 hours):

Download the mp3 here (direct link to the file)