If 2010 is the year of Africa, June is most definitely the month where all the international expectation, exploration and exploitation of the Motherland are peaking. While most of the world was preparing for a month in front of the television, the African hip hop deejays went back to the studio to prepare a true pan-African June show of six hours. K’naan joined us for a chat during a stopover on his Coca-Cola world tour, sharing exclusive news about his collabo with Akon (‘If we don’t do something right now it’s a sin!’) and the focus of his upcoming music.

Also this month we welcome three new hosts from countries that haven’t been covered before by your favorite online web radio. From Botswana we have James Kebu whose regular Podtape shows have been a steady source of hip hop from Gaborone and other areas, and there’s Chyll & MJ who represent Zimbabwe from the Zim diaspora in the UK and Australia with their XBC Jumpoff podcast.

Then we tune in to African hip hop regular D Willy, the Ugandan dj from Hits FM in Zanzibar whose current show looks at hip hop from the mainland of Tanzania. Finally the diaspora show by Amal, J4 and Threesixty is an uptempo affair celebrating the soccer games with kwaito, township house and other club music, mostly from South Africa.

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African Hip Hop Radio: World Cup edition, June 2010

K’naan (interview at Ajax stadium in Amsterdam)
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Part 1 (Amal & J4 & dj Threesixty, Netherlands)
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Part 2 (Dwilly, Zanzibar, Tanzania)
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Part 3 (James Kebu, Botswana)
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Part 4 (Chyll & MJ, Zimbabwe/UK/Australia)
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Pics: MJ & Chyll from XBC Jumpoff

Playlist: Amal & J4 & dj Threesixty, Netherlands
Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Nansi Imali [Here Is the Money]
Brenda Fassie – Weekend special ft Keith Murray
Keith Murray – I’m Your Weekend Special
Kabelo – Pantsula for Life / 8
Skeat – Love song – 4 / in
Pitch Black Afro – Tofo Tofo
Geoffy G – Nigerian girls
Tinny – Zingolo (South Rakkas Crew remix)
TKZee – Bampa Nathi
HHP – Akhonto
Arthur – Kaffir
Youssou N’Dour – Bamba
JR – Make Da Circle Bigger
Malaika – Sebaka Nyana
Sofrito Specials – Christina Lover
Hugh Masekela – Don’t Go Lose It Baby
Bigiano – One and Only
Pastor Mbhobho – Ayobaness
Dj Cleo – Gabz to Mbane
DJ Cleo – Fallen
Novalima – Machete
Werrason & Wenge Musica Maison Mere – Ca Sonne
Max B. – Bananaticoc
Dj Furreta – Ola La Yeah
Golden Sounds – Zangalewa
Allan DJ – Sort la demarche
Kedjevara – Tchoukou tchoukou
Mujava_Agwanti remix
Bab lee – Rythm
MrShada (Kaysha) – Anti Bad Music Police
Pépé Kallé – Roger Milla
Unknown artist – Woyto

Playlist: Chyll & MJ, Zimbabwe/UK/Australia
V.O.L.U.M.E – Dzimbaremabwe
Zimbabwe Legit feat. Prince Po and Sticman – Evil That Men Do
D.K.R – Tears
Mariachi – Heart’s Farewell
Wargames – Time Will Tell
Munetsi – Weapons of Mass Destruction
Tek Neek – Mental State
Soosh – Close Your Eyes
Stunner – Handizi Bharanzi
Ammunition feat. Adiona – Mama
Chucknosis feat MC Chita – 21st Century
Enqore feat P.O.Y – Extremists
Blackbird – Ooohh
Makho – Azili
BSun & Karizma – Back In the Days
Zubz – Fire Song
Fame Nickles – Damn Shame
Metaphysics feat Mic Inity – Stand Up Strong
Maskiri feat Nesu – Miscarriage

Playlist: James Kebu, Botswana
HT ft. Sadi – Gabz City Maboneng
Krafty [instrumental] – Gabsity
Konkrete – Livy ya Moshate
Benyin – Gaberone
Apollo Diablo/Bapsta/Konkrete – Welcome to Broadhurst
Sick Bunch – O Town
Chubb Heightz – 3rd Letter Music
Ming – Where you From
Cybil Nyte
Zeus/SambaT – Make you a Star
Iknuts – It is what it Is  Khwezi/Buck Shot  – City Vibes
Adam Nubian – Love of the Game
Nomadic – Son of Seasons Blain – Welcome to the Jungle
Apollo Diablo/Gen Hood/K Marv/GP – Africa’s Cry
T.B.S – Bonakgohong
Ngozi – Survival
Sliq Sta – The Lp
Askari/Nonofoist – The Harvest
illuSHEN – I Speak the Truth
Orakle – How They do That
Sleuth – Representative  Nytro – Rapid Fire
Sick Bunch – O le Mang Tota
GP aka Mow – Riding Through GC
Slyfah – Melodic Screams of Agony
Simba – Coolest of Friends
ArchAngell Hands Aloof
Read Their Palms Introducing Dimension The Third  – Moulded Craze in Maze
V.U.R.B – Paparazzi
Ngozi – Combi Ride