In this new video by Xuman (Senegal) & Cee Pee (Mauritania), politicians and the current president Abdoulaye Wade in particular are called out about the issues that are plaguing the nation: ‘The country is dirty, somber and unsafe. The population is poor, complaining and restless while all you do is travel’. Xuman also adresses the marabouts, religious leaders, who according to him are closing their eyes for what is happening to the country.

Last week it was announced that 85-year old Wade’s plans to run for a third term of presidency were approved by the constitutional council – despite his pledge in 2007 not to seek an extension of his reign. In the same hearing, singer Youssou N’dour was denied presidential candidacy as he supposedly failed to present 10,000 valid signatures of supporters. Last June already, Wade had proposed changes to the constitution, reducing the percentage of votes needed for presidential victory; the news caused unrest in the capital city.

In the last few days, riots in the streets of Dakar and general unrest among the urban youth has been answered with violence; last weekend the headquarters of hip hop inspired movement ‘Y’en a marre‘ was surrounded by police, and member Daddy Bibson – a Senegalese hip hop veteran and friend of Xuman – got beaten up by masked men.

The events leading up to Senegal’s general elections of February 26, 2012 are of extra significance to the hip hop community as it was the frank lyrics of a couple of popular rappers at the time which assisted Wade and his Senegalese Democratic Party in winning the elections back in 2000, and their victory at the time was a welcome replacement of the ruling political elite. Twelve years later, many hip hop heads are more fed up with Wade than they were with his predecessor Diouf, and the president’s words ‘Ma waxoon waxeet’ (I said it, I am taking it back), his response to people questioning his broken promise of not going for a third term, have haunted him.