Say’hu is a Gambian American rapper Emerging from Charlotte, NC. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia but raised on the smiling coast of Africa. His music stresses the issues of capitalism, poverty, and war and is often loaded with witty metaphors and heart felt messages that everyone can relate to. With hip-hop being his musical root and most important source of inspiration, he cites artist such as 2 Pac, Jay-Z, J. Cole, K’naan & Fugees as key influences in his own pursuit of musical recognition.


The Other Side is the title of his latest project which is available for free on his Bandcamp page. While he finishes his studies at The University Of North Carolina Charlotte majoring in finance, Say’hu is gearing up for future recording and gaining experience by doing gigs and building his resume as an artist. With the pragmatic detachment of today’s DIY, socially mediated industry, Say’hu undeniable gift as a musician promises a long and successful future. “I am grateful for the universal nature of music,” notes Say’hu, “It’s made everywhere, by anyone, in as many ways as the human heart can feel. As I see it, if it touches hearts, it’s good music. That’s what I want to make.”

For more on Say’hu check out his official website