In June 2008, two major hip hop events were canceled in Gabon because of the sudden death of president Bongo, who had been in power for 42 years. In response to his passing, the government shut down the internet and landline communications, and for a few days even air traffic was halted. Meanwhile, the organizers of Gabao hip hop and Le show du pays both had been preparing to launch their events. Gabao hip hop being a large annual hip hop festival with numerous invitees, and Le show du pays the shows that Movaizhaleine would throw for their fans, also accompanied by international guests.
We spoke to Lord Ekomy Ndong from the group Movaizhaleine, one of the most popular hip hop acts from Gabon. He had just arrived from France where he lives. Faced with the mourning which canceled his shows, he spoke to African hip hop radio on the phone from Libreville.

Note: this show was recorded for the Dutch edition of African hip hop radio. Presentation is in Dutch, the interview is in English and French.



1st hour
Jean Grae – Hypnotize
Leeroy – L’entree du chef
Moubaraka – Douane
Apkass – Mbiya kitoko
Stoparhymes – Style tatu
Mos Def – Auditorium ft the Ruler (Slick Rick)
Movaiz Haleine – Le Bilangom
Movaiz Haleine – Nous
Knaan – I come prepared ft Damian Marley
Jay Z – Death of Autotune
Disiz la Peste – J’ai changé*

2nd hour
Afrikan boy – Afrikan warrior (official remix)
Sagas – Nao acaba aqui
Despo Rutti – Cigare Nostalgies ft Lalko
Stan – Rise
Sauti ya Sol – Mapacha
Akil – Tahya Bledi ft Tunisiano & Aketo
Rocky Marsiano – Rocky’s funk anthem
Sane Eba – Zakee kuduro
Bisso na Bisso – Show ce soir
Magic Systeme & Khaled – Meme fatigue
Kana – Terrorisés

3rd hour
Kilimanjaro mix by dj 360