Born Henry Nonso Enebeli in 1982, Maytronomy (aka Mr. May) attended the Federal Government College Kwali in Abuja.

After many years of being inspired by masters of creativity such as 2pac, Busta Rhymes, Eminem and few others, Maytronomy fell in love with the art of lyricism and started writing his own songs in 1999. Being impressed by the works of certain Nigerian emcees, Maytronomy decided to man up by stepping into the studio to record his first single “U Aint Ready” in 2003 .

His most popular songs in Nigeria include “Wetin you dey feel like”, “Must To Get It” and the dance floor banger “Its Going Down”. He has worked with a host of some of Nigeria’s top musicians (M.I. Jesse Jaggz, 5Mics and Dj Atte, etc). His ability to collaborate with a variety of artists makes him evidently versatile. Possibly his most popular collaboration was the song with Tonye titled Insane, you can watch that here.
After a short hiatus, in 2013 Maytronomy announces he is back with a new single titled ‘Ekabo’. The word ‘Ekabo’ means “Welcome” in the Yoruba language. In this song Maytronomy worked with his producer Sizzle Pro. The two composed a balance of hip hop influenced verses (which showcase Maytronomy’s rapping talent) and a melodic and catchy chorus.

In the song Maytronomy addresses everything that he has experienced and whatever contributes to his music career thus far. He also takes the opportunity to confidently proclaim that people “welcome (acknowledge/accept) him” because of all that he is. ‘Ekabo’ preludes all singles that will be released in 2013 by Maytronomy.

He is currently under Green Lyght Entertainment.