Young Tanzanian reggae singer Man Sniper (also spelled Mansnipa or Mansnepa) has been working with Dutch reggae group the Rootsriders to record his first album. In November 2008 he visited the African hip hop radio studio together with Cyril from the Rootsriders, where he spoke about his music and did a little freestyle. Then there’s an interview we recorded with Rich Medina at BASS festival in UK in June 2008.

The show also features a report by the late Angel Wainana from Ghetto Radio in Nairobi about the refusal of members of parliament to pay taxes. Also in the studio: Tanzanian dj G-Town who lives in Rotterdam. In the 3rd hour he took over from dj 360 to do a mix of Bongo flava and other East African music.

Note: this show was recorded for the Dutch edition of African hip hop radio. Presentation is in Dutch, the interviews are in English (and Swahili). Also, the last few tracks of the 1st hour are not part of the African hip hop radio playlist (see below), they were added because of a technical failure at the studio…



Uur 1
Dori – Rapazis Opperacional
Terror MC – Street Life
Abd al Malik (Frankrijk) – Faqir
Afro Soldier – Rich Medina
Rich Medina interview part 1
Rich Medina – Too much (afrostreet mix)
Rich Medina interview part 2
Afrikan Boy – Lagos
Redsan – Chicken
item Getto radio
Wahu – Sweet love

Uur 2
Nneka – Deadly combination
Ba Sissoko ft K’naan – Silani
African Akhlou Bi – Andando
Rootsriders ft Man Sniper – Nimekutafuta
Kalamashaka – Guess who
Kalibrados – Man Tony (cd Cartas na Mesa)
X Plastaz – Msimu kwa msimu
Sugu – Mchakamchaka feat. Stara
Kurasa (Tanzania) – Take Care Rmx
Pina – Msimamo
TMK Wanaume Family – Dar mpaka Moro

Uur 3
Dj G-Town on the decks: Bongo flava special