All the way from Philadelphia, USA is Brotha Onaci whose mixes we have been checking out over the past months. Through events like the Sonic Diaspora parties (started out in Chicago and soon coming to Philly, you can tune in via This is Africa radio) and the Radiant Souls mixtape series he manages to bridge between the Motherland and Diaspora.

On the Radiant Souls Mixtape volume 2 which is coming out today, you will hear artists from the underground hip hop movements in U.S.A, Kenya, Germany, South Africa, Namibia, and Nigeria. Listen below or download from the Soundcloud page. The previous volume is still available here.


Featured artists include Abstract Wolff, Add-2, Akua Naru, Amun Mirage, DETROIT PIStoLS (Power Is Surrendering to Love’s Strength), DJ.BasketQASE, Emcee Nemesis, Fecko the Emcee, The Invisible Enigma, Josh, Just Jay, K-Von, K-Nel, KrisDeLaRash, Neak, R.i.C (Rumor in the Chi), Sincerely Yours, Slot-A, Synik and Vallentine & Arazan.