The music industry in Nigeria is undoubtedly experiencing a revolution, growing in leaps and bounds. A few years ago deejays only played foreign songs. That definitely has changed: playing a song that is not Proudly Nigerian could be a very dulling move.  Then there is concern about the number of femcees on the Nigerian music scene. ‘Females doing justice on the Microphone’ as Azuka Ugboh says it. ‘The few ones either came charging at us and then retreated or came and stayed in our faces. Sooner than later we were wondering “Ye Ye, what next?”, he added.

One person was noticeably absent. I first heard her a couple of years ago and then she had to disappear on us and her versatility went to play, making us all confused what exactly is she about? A rapper? A dancer? An actor? A comedian? A presenter?  Make up your mind sister! Then I realised, she is who she is what she is, she is that one sister that is bringing it back.

She is back! Question is: was she ever gone in the first place? Needless to say with fresh attitude, style, swagger and her brand of “intelligent music that makes you want to quit school”. Ladies and gentlemen, I re-present the crazy sister, the ‘Iyalode’ of rap: Bb.

Enjoy her new single – Mo Badd (I’m bad)