Bright Andrew Igho a.ka. B-elect a.k.a. the Clean Rapper is a member of Nigeria’s foremost rap crew, Thoroughbreds. Founder of the crew along with Illbliss a.ka. That Ibo Boy, he has been involved in hip hop since his days as a kid in the late eighties and early nineties, and in some ways has been involved in every aspect of the game as a scholar and undoubtedly one of the most versed individuals in Nigeria when it comes to rap and its culture.

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B-elect’s profile
Favourite rappers: Rakim, Nas, Common, Black thought
Influences: A Tribe Called Quest, Big Daddy Kane, Wu Tang Clan, contemporary jazz, Steely Dan, British funk, Us2, Genesis, Fela Kuti.
Family: fifth of seven children
Education: four years medical science, Bachelor of Fine Arts. University of Nigeria. Lived all over Nigeria and slight stints outside Nigeria, carved art out in Jos.

B-elect first got into hip hop from listening to LL cool J, Malcom McLaren and the World Famous Supreme Team, Rakim and watching Beatstreet, Breakdance and Wild Style.
Done shows in places like Jos, Port Harcourt, School UNN, Streethop with the Thoroughbreds – 2005 internationally acclaimed “ode to hip hop” off the Thoroughbreds Streethop cd, produced 360 degrees on Mode 9’s Pentium IX.

He writes for various hip hop magazines and has spoken at various hip hop forums. Brief stint with the Thoroughbreds under Storm label and performed at several gigs.
B presently works in advertising but still finds time to run his label and studio, Blightz recordz, which last year released their first artist, Protek with the album “Zion Republican” produced by Jonah the Monarch.
B-elect along with his crew Thoroughbreds won two awards, the AMEN awards 2006 and best rap video at the Hip Hop World awards in 2006.

Album dropping in November, 21 tracks featuring the likes of Illbliss, Ruffman, Zdon Paporella, Obiwon, M-trill, P Will, J Martins and Nigga Raw. Production by Buttah, Mic Works, B-elect, M.D. Flow under his label Blightz recordz, marketed by Iyke the Don. B goes the extra mile to rip on beats that some emcees do not dare jump on with a style reminiscent of vintage hip hop styles like the Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Nas and others. His vocal style is pretty fresh with a semi monotone flow, similar to Guru of the roots.