Zimbabwean hip hop heads must have been pressing F5 to refresh emcee Synik’s website over the past days, as there was a countdown going on towards the launch of his ‘Syn City’ album. Well it’s out now, and available as a free download from the website, though it’s also for sale via Itunes and other download sites, so fans are asked to support and buy a copy, too.

Produced by Begotten Sun, the album features guest spots by Metaphysics (Zim pioneer and one of the cats that inspired us to get the Africanhiphop.com domain back in the days), JnrBrown and Karizma, among others.

The title and album design were obviously inspired by the movie classic Sin City (2005), and so is the music video for the title track. Additional novelty is that the video was shot in 3D, and though we haven’t yet been able to confirm, apparently using 3D glasses and Youtube’s HD setting (720P) will make Synik’s world jump at you. Try it out!

If the name Synik sounds familiar, he’s been spotted in the African hip hop forums before as a long time member, and he recorded with other AHH members including Fecko and The Holsta.