Over the last decade, the art of serious Hip Hop lyricism and skill has steadily risen around the globe. One of the places where it has flourished is Germany, particularly Berlin. In a global village where non-American emcees spit multi-syllabic entendres in several languages, Berlin has produced some of the nastiest. At the top of that pile might be MC Diamond Dog who, at last count, could not only could rhyme in Portuguese (his primary tongue to spit in), but also English, and German and could do so with the rapid fire delivery of Twista… times 10.

Originally from Angola, Diamond Dog now represents Brazil and Germany as well is considered one of the worlds’ fastest rappers. DiamondDog’s latest single, “Say Word” is what happens when a club anthem meets the rawness of a spitter like DiamondDog. While he doesn’t go full speed on this track, his skills are obvious. This is the latest single as part of NYC-based record label Nomadic Wax‘s project-collaboration model, where the label pairs different artists together who would never otherwise meet. In this case, Angolan emcee MC Diamond Dog teamed up with Brooklyn-based super producer Eliot Leigh (Funk Nouveau/Infuze).

The result is this reggae-tinged, bass driven track with Diamond Dog’s bars bouncing on a trampoline to keep the dance floor on springs. Diamond Dog flexes like a vocal pitbull while spitting semi-automatic hollow-tips through the speakers. If you are looking for a hyped up, crowd rocking anthem, this is the one. Stay tuned for more collabo tracks like this from Nomadic Wax. Oh… and you better start learning Portuguese!  

Download the track here.

-Written by emcee Hired Gun (NYC) & Magee McIlvaine (Nomadic Wax, Creative Director)

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