Previously featured as one of our favorite songs of the year, Youssoupha’s ‘Les disques de mon pere’ now has its own video. The title, meaning ‘the records of my father’ refers to none other than Tabu Ley Rochereau, one of DR Congo’s living musical legends, and indeed Youssoupha’s father. Although the French rapper now has a career in his own right and he is no longer solely referred to as ‘the son of…’ we were always hoping for him to record a song with his dad. As you can see in this video, ‘Ley’ has grown quite old and during the shoot he was sitting in a wheel chair. The track uses a sample rather than a newly recorded vocal (Cameroonian emcee Jovi ripped the same sample earlier this year for his ‘Pitié’).

It’s a beautiful sight – three generations of ‘Rochereaux’ in the studio behind the knobs. Other visual highlights of the video include a 1970’s Congolese dance, apparently inspired by Baloji’s master piece ‘Le jour d’apres‘. Youssoupha’s album ‘Noir désir’ which contains this tune is available via Itunes, FNAC and other online stores (did you notice Itunes decided to censor the ‘Désir’ in the album title?)