Here’s a little round-up of African hip hop radio shows of the past months: autumn 2009. The weekly show on FunX (Holland’s most popular youth radio station) often has guests, and these are some of the English language interviews that you can enjoy online. Tip: subscribe to the podcast and stream or download even more archived shows here.

Each of these shows is two hours long so this update could be the soundtrack of your working day! Playlists can be found here.

M.anifest (Ghana/USA) talked about his new album, a free download through which he invites his fans to donate to a development project.

Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP)
South African hip hop heavyweight Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP) spoke prior to his trip to the MTV Mama Awards in Nairobi, Kenya:

Sugu (Mr II)
Tanzania’s most prolific rapper Sugu (Mr II) is about to drop his tenth album which he recorded over the past months in the USA. GMB & J4 phoned him as he was about to drop the first single off the album.

Mc Shenzy
African hip hop radio correspondent Mc Shenzy (Rhyme FM) is very active in Nairobi’s underground hip hop scene. He talks on the phone from Nairobi about his efforts in setting up a pirate radio station and the Kenyan hip hop awards.