In the July edition of African Hip Hop Radio we have loads of new music from Tanzania as J4 just returned from a stay on the island of Zanzibar. Apart from new Swahili hip hop, he also managed to pick up some new music on the way including the new album by Ethiopia’s superstar Teddy Afro and a spoken word track by Kenya’s Rabbit.

In the second hour, Amal and J4 speak on the phone to Tanzanian hip hop pioneer Solo Thang. Based in Ireland for the past six years, he’s still releasing new music. Solo Thang’s new album ‘I am Travellah volume 1’ came out earlier this year, and his new song ‘Miss Tanzania’ is a metaphor for the artist’s relationship with his country of birth. Watch the video:


Stream or download the July edition of African hip hop radio below, and don’t mind the first two songs (K’naan & Kanye West) which were fillers, as we had to rebuild the Redlight Radio studio setup after an invasion by the mighty Gaslamp Killer!


Tracklist African Hip Hop Radio July 2012
Mingus (South Africa) – Stay
Rabbit (Kenya) – Swahili Shakespeare
Adili (Tanzania) – Peke yangu
Fid Q (Tanzania) – Sihitaji marafiki
Shokanti (Cape Verde) – Katanganan
Bebe Cool (Uganda) – Akamwako
Teddy Afro (Ethiopia) – Africaye
General Pype (Nigeria) – Give it to me
Bob Junior (Tanzania) – Nichum
Dogo Janja (Tanzania) – Mziki ft Peter Msechu
Brymo (Nigeria) – Omaricha
Kao Denero (Sierra Leone) – Wan Bag Ress ft Pupa Banja
Keyti (Senegal) – Guné Doon Guné
KGB Squad (Cape Verde) – Independencia Ou Morte
Solo Thang (Tanzania) – Miss Tanzania
Nako 2 Nako (Tanzania) – Ngoma nzito
Wanlov (Ghana) – My funky story ft Kossa
Donaeo (UK/Ghana) – Charlie in the chocolate factory
Stephen Marley ft Wale & the cast of Fela (US/Jamaica) – Made in Africa
X Plastaz ft Fid Q (Tanzania) & Bamba Nazar – Africa