Smarty from Burkina Faso has been representing around the world since 2000 when he first came out with his group Yeleen.
A decade down the lane he embarked on a solo career which was accentuated with the release of his album ‘Afrikan Kouleur’ at the end of last year (get it from iTunes or other outlets). His first release since the last Yeleen album came out in 2010, ‘Afrikan Kouleur’ is a collaborative effort nonetheless, with his band the Bolo Bein Roots and several guests including Token Jah Fakoli (Ivory Coast) and French rapper Soprano (who occasionally reps the Comores in his music).

Check out the accompanying video; it’s been out for a year or so, but the internet still being roughly divided into linguistic zones, it’s easy to overlook the output of French speaking African countries if you don’t speak the language.