Sierra Leone born hip hop artist Chosan (New York) has released his new album ‘Till I Touch The Sun’. correspondent Ado spoke to him on the occasion – check out the video above.

Chosan: ‘I wanted to make an inspirational album with tracks and images based on hope, strength and getting through the struggles of life. The album was written while in Baltimore and coming back from a trip from London. I wanted to put out something upbeat and inspiring for the people.

Chosan wrote the songs and co-produced the album. The beats for came from all over the world, including London, Nigeria, New York and Ft Lauderdale.
Chosan: ‘Till I touch The Sun’ is to me my greatest written song to date. I wanted to record a powerful inspirational song that would be timeless. I’m very excited about the video, and bring the visual to this music to life. I didn’t want to make your average stand up rap videos. I wanted to make ‘inspirational’ mini music videos, that could translate worldwide to inspire that child in Africa, to the child in that estate building in London, or to Brazil or New York…’

Chosan’s biography

Chosan was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone. After an escape to Canada and then a relocation to London, a love affair with hip hop began which would take him across the Atlantic to New York. Chosan previously released two self funded indie albums. ‘The Beautiful Side Of Misery’ and ‘Diamond In The Dirt’ which were received with critical acclaim and impressive reviews. Chosan released a video for each album: ‘Ride’ and ‘This Is My America’. He was picked by Grammy award wining artist Kanye West to help consult and to be the narrative voice on the multi platinum video and single ‘Diamonds from Sierra Leone’ from Kanye’s ‘Late Registration’ album.

Chosan is also a community youth activist in the creative arts and education throughout the Brooklyn, Harlem and Bronx areas. He is the head of Silverstreetz Entertainment, and the newly formed ‘Paint Soul’, a company specializing in one off exclusive designs for men women and children.