Shehu Adams A.K.A Science is one of A.H.H’s esteemed members from way back. Asides from being one of the top contributors to our forums, the man is perhaps better known for producing ‘Spartans’ for 9 time lyricist on the roll award winner Mode 9. ‘Spartans’ was one of the stand out tracks on Mode 9’s The Paradigm shift album in 2008. Listen here.

Science has been around the block a little bit since then and returns with this head banging track he produced and shot in Malaysia for his protege-MC Semisix, member of the Blacksmiths group. Science, now producing under one of his monikers – Shay who, produces a song that mixes Fela’s Afrobeat with a melodious groove that Semisix flows over so effortlessly. The track is entitled Like that (the boy is nice with it too).

Science is Shay who, the music producer in this video directorial debut. Props to one of ours!