“Le chemin fut long et parsemé d’embuches mais néanmoins. Nous sommes venus, nous avons vu et la victoire commence à se dessiner. Writah Family …ci mind.” -P.P.S.

Senegalese emcee P.P.S. the Writah was once Senegal’s youngest emcee. Not anymore. While this rising star has been rocking the mic since he was a little kid, he’s now one of Senegal’s most respected MC’s. PPS recorded this track as a homage to all his hip-hop heros back home and the Senegalese hip-hop scene as a whole for all their support over the years. The video was filmed by Nomadic Wax’s Benny Beats during a Fall afternoon in Brooklyn, NY, the day before PPS headed back to his beloved Dakar. From Rufisque to Brooklyn, this brother is going to travel far.

Get his brand new mixtape here. Watch the video on youtube here.

Music Video Credits…
Artist: P.P.S. The Writah
Song: Weerul Ci Mane
Video Produced: Nomadic Wax
Director/DP: Ben Herson
Editor: Magee
Translation: Papa Moussa Lo aka Waterflow
Video Cameo: Alesh (DRC)