One from the vaults: in July 2007, African hip hop radio did a special show from Nairobi, Kenya where host Buddha Blaze invited some of Kenya’s finest hip hop artists into the studio for a jam and a talk. Back in Holland, Guderian & Didas (Congo/Netherlands) together with J4 spent two hours with the rappers from AURA (Ivory Coast, Senegal, Burkina Faso) and tried their luck at presenting in French. Classic!

The Nairobi sessions were recorded in collaboration with, a young community website for which Buddha Blaze is a correspondent, and with the help of the Head Bangaz studio in Nairobi. The Aura rappers visited our studio with the help of Plan Netherlands, a NGO which supports the Aura project and which organized a tour through the Netherlands in which the emcees presented some developmental issues to school youth.

This month, Guderian and J4 receive four rappers from West Africa who represent the AURA (Artistes Unis pour le Rap Africain) project: Miryam (Senegal), Priss-K (Ivory Coast), Pheno-B (Niger) and Smockey (Burkina Faso). While dj Juma4 can make himself understood in French, he is far from a native speaker so he got the help of Guderian, a Congolese hip hop activist living in Holland, and journalist Didas who just happened to be around the studio and joined in the interviews.

In this first-ever African hip hop radio show in French, Guderian and the rappers talk about anything from Smockey’s political track which was censored in Burkina to the emcees’ AURA project which unites artists from all over West Africa. Priss-K (well known in Abidjan for being a member of Gbonhi Yoyoyo) even touches on the topic of female circumcision, a problem in parts of West Africa which she adresses in her rhymes.

Photo: Hercilya, Didas, Smockey, Senami, Juma4, Gina (Aura project), Priss-K, Guderian, Miryam, Pheno B (left to right)

In the second show segment we go to Nairobi, Kenya for a 3-hour Session presented by Bhudda Blaze who receives about ten studio guests and talks about the recent police brutality towards innocent slum dwellers which also affected some of the present emcees! The discussion also touches on the natural wealth of Kenya, an example of which can be seen at lake Magadi, a soda lake which is very profitable.

However, the Kenyan population hardly benefits as most profit is taken outside the country. Also a lot of the Kenyan soil is owned by a small group of people. We learn more about Kenyan history as Githuku does a praise poem to Mekatili wa Menza, the woman warrior. With Wenyeji, Ukoo flani, Kalamashaka, Chiz ‘n Brain, Ambrose (Mandugu digital), Wakamba Wawili, Kaa, Point Blank, Yvonne, Girongi, Fundi Frank, Kevin (guitar) and others…

Nairobi part 1
Nairobi part 2
Nairobi part 3
French show

Playlist for the July 2007 French show
1. Mokobe ft Salif Keita – Mali Forever [Mon Afrique]
2. Krukid – Africa stand up [Afr-i-can]
3. Kaidan Gaskia 2 [Allahou Akabarou]
4. Aura – Les enfants du Poto poto [cd single]
5. Fatima Cia – On s’en fout [Epaka Mobulu]
6. Alif – Woyo [white label promo]
7. Priss-K – Farafina mousso [white label promo]
8. Gbonhi Yoyoyo – Gbonhi Yoyoyo [white label promo]
9. Youssoupha – Ma destinée [ A chaque frère]
10. Smockey – Old school [Code Noir]
11. Smockey – A qui profite le crime [inédit]
12. Zoo Squad – Fresh Time pt 2 [African Underground: Depths of Dakar]
13. Freestyle session

Playlist for the July 2007 Nairobi session
First hour

Intro by Buddha Blaze
Fundi Frank interview
1. ‘Kenya’ by Ukoo Flani **
2. ‘Mola Wangu’ by Chizi Noma
3. ‘Jipange’ by Kimya ft. Jaymo **
4. ‘Be There’ by Prechur
Githuku interview
5. ‘Punchline Kibao’ by Johny of Kalamashaka ft. Ebra da Hustler **
6. ‘Kichwa Kiboye’ by Cannibal and Sharama **
7. ‘No Haters Can Stop Us’ by Jahmani ft. Kantai
Githuku interview continued
8. ‘Bouncing’ by Cannibal and Sharama **
9. ‘Ghetto Fabulous’ by Kah ft. Njeri
Githuku freestyle with Kevin Munyi on guitat
Wenyeji interview continued
10. ‘Dandora Love’ by Kah and Zaka **
11. ‘Mizani’ by Wenyeji **

Second hour
13. ‘Mjanja’ by Wawesh
14. ‘Wenyeji Party’ by Wenyeji ft Kabee
Wenyeji interview
15. ‘Chunguzia’ by Wakamba Wawili **
16. ‘Songa’ by Bamzigi
17. ‘Dandora Burning’ by Ukoo Flani Mau Mau **
18. ‘Nataka Nini’ by Bamzigi
19. ‘Mashairi’ by Wenyeji, Mashifta na Gaza **
Wakamba Wawili Freestyle
Chiz ‘n Brain and Ambrose Mandugu Digital interview
20. ‘Mwanamberi’ by Chizzen Brain, Ambrose Mandugu Digital and Kama of Kalamashaka
21. ‘Tuko Fiti’ by Chizzen Brain and Johnny of Kalamashaka **
22. ‘Ni Sisi’ by Ghetto Boys
23. ‘Soldier’ by Wenyeji and Lavosti **
24. ‘Hip Hop Heads’ by Kimya, Richie Rich and Yvonne **
Kamaa of Kalamashaka Kah interview
25. ‘Constantly’ by Kalamashaka **
26. ‘Jirushe’ by Wenyeji
27. ‘Mazishi ya Polisi Mtaani’ by Kama and Zaka
28. ‘Mtaa’ by Ukoo Flani and Solar Star **
Yvonne Darc / Girongi / Point Blank interview
Nairobi massive freestyle
29. ‘Safari ya Nyumbani’ by Kama and Guchi **
30. ‘Nilikwambia’ by Githinji, Orezo Kenyatta and Rawbar of Kalamashaka
31. ‘Jipange’ Kimya and Jaymo
32. ’24-7′ by Sewer, Swizz, Kah and Kama
Yvonne Darc freestyle
33. ‘Shepherd’ by YC, Mpita Njia, Justo and Yvonne Darc **
34. ‘Gun Shot’ by Chesco, Galamoze and Justo
35. ‘HB Joint’ by all Head Bangers Studio artists
36. ‘All over the world’ by Ukoo Flani ft. Rha da Godess