Some of our favorite emcees together come on one track in the brand new video ‘Tulia Tu’; not only Rabbit aka Kaka Sungura (Kenya) but also HHP (South Africa) kicking the vernacular verses and Wangechi, one of Kenya’s most interesting discoveries of late, whose first appearance was on a remix of a Rabbit track.

In other news, Wangechi now has a VEVO channel. VEVO is an initiative run by some of the industry’s top players (Universal, Sony and others) and provides distribution of video content across different platforms. It’s also a way for the major labels to share advertizing revenue with the likes of Youtube. So… which deal did Wangechi sign to be part of this major league?

*Update: seems like it does not require a major label deal to be on Vevo. See this page (and possibly there are other online services like this one) – cost is 20$ per year.