African hip hop foundation organizes an annual African hip hop film festival. Between 2004 and 2008 the screenings have been organized as a part of Black Soil hip hop filmfestival, the first and largest event screening hip hop films and docs in Europe. Some of the films that the African hip hop film festival premiered have since been picked up by other festivals, tv stations and even distributors around the world.

Apart from films, the festival also showcases African hip hop artists. So far we have had performances by Afrikan Boy, Rich Medina, Pan Africans, Don Klemente & Loovay dj Threesixty, GMB, Concrete & Dson, Vieira (CV/Netherlands), Blaxtar and more.

These are some of the films that have been screened:

Hali Halisi
Directed by Martin Meulenberg, Tanzania, 1999

Hip Hop Colony
Directed by Michael Wanguhu, Kenya, 2005

Sharp Sharp
Directed by Aryan Kaganoff, South Africa, 2003

Mr Devious: My life
Directed by John Fredericks, South Africa, 2006

Zenji Flava
Directed by Raymond Verhoef & Bram Vergeer, Tanzania, 2006

Bellek: hip hop in Marokko
Directed by Bart Van Dijck & Patrik Oosterlynck, Morocco 2003

African Underground: Democracy in Dakar
Directed by Magee Mcllvaine, Chris Moore & Ben Herson, Senegal, 2007

Hip Hop revolution
Directed by Weaam Williams, Sout Africa, 2006

I Love Hip Hop in Morrocco
Directed by Josh Asen and Jennifer Needleman, Morocco, 2007

Living the Hiplife
Directed by Jesse Weaver Shipley, Ghana 2007

10 years African Hip Hop: Cape Town, Dakar, Amsterdam
Directed by African hip hop foundation, Optimiste production & Faculty of hip hop, 2008

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