Collabo of the year? Congolese music veteran Papa Wemba teams up with ‘Nouchi’ Nash from Ivory Coast in the crossover tune ‘Sapologie’. The title is a reference to Papa Wemba having been at the head of the Congolese SAPE movement (Society of Elegant People). Nash, who looks like forever 17, is well known from Gbonhi Yoyo who blew up on the Abidjan scene a couple of years ago together with female emcee Prisca, and she featured on Mokobe’s album ‘Mon Afrique’.

This song is on Papa Wemba’s latest release ‘Notre Père Rumba’ which is a kind of come-back album for the master. While Papa Wemba has always been a versatile artist, this effort into coupé decalé may just gain him some new fans. For Nash, the hardcore rap/dance crossover is nothing new but with Papa Wemba she’s more in the spotlights than ever.