‘Tumechoka’ is is a hip hop collaboration done by various artists: Kidis (Tanzania), Silver (Mombasa), Ekori (Turkana), Skobo (Mombasa), Gasfyatu (Nairobi), Edu Mambo (Nairobi), Kevlexicon (New York) and Kaktus (Nairobi). They are some of the artists who represent OKOA Hip Hop (‘Save hip hop’ in Swahili), an initiative trying to bring truth and focus, and breathe life into the mundane state they believe hip hop is currently in.

The Swahili title ‘Tumechoka’ means ‘We are tired’. The song talks about how the youth in Africa are tired of poverty, joblessness, injustice and other vices that plague society. The lyrics speak against corrupt leaders and in support of revolution spearheaded by enlightenment of the new generations.

The song was recorded in Audio Kusini studios (Nairobi) and the beat is by Ndugus who runs the VOTU radio website and who presents the tuesday night hip hop show on Ghetto Radio. Kidis does the chorus while the others rap on the track. The song is part of a mixtape compilation by Kevlexicon, a US based rapper who spent a few months in Nairobi last year.