At the Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival, we are lucky enough to gather top MCs from around the world. At the 8th annual, 2013 edition of the festival, we captured groups of these MCs in our ciphers. This cipher features artists from Cuba, Haiti, Senegal and USA.

Host: Self Suffice
Artists: Odaymara (Las Krudas), Okai, (Brown Rice Family), Thiat (Keur Gui), Olivia (Las Krudas), Baba Israel, Kilifeu (Keur Gui)
Percussion: DJ Boo (Snare Drum)
Video Series Producer: Nomadic Wax
Recording: Notable Productions
Mixed/Audio Post Production: Notable Production
Live Recording Team: Daniel Cantor, Ben Herson
Venue: Trinity College International Hip Hop Festival