Herbert Schwamborn a.k.a Metaphysics is credited for being one of the pioneers of hip hop in Zimbabwe. He has been in various hip hop groups such as  Lethal language, A Peace of Ebony, Kataklizim and the current Söhne Mannheims which is among Germany’s most successful groups. Metaphysics is not only an Mc but also an activist; based in Germany, he frequently visits the motherland. Three years ago he started a campaign for the legilization of marijuana in Zimbabwe and also initiated an online petition called the Zimbabwe Diamond Trust, to push for the acceptance of Zimbabwe to trade its diamond minerals on the world market.


Metaphysics’ latest project is entitled Prince Qwela, The Mudzimu Mixtape with 18 tracks. Antiquity is the first single off the Mudzimu mixtape. On the cover feauture two nationalistic figures: Mbuya Nehanda and Sekuru Kaguvi who both fought in the Shona rebellion and Zimbabwe’s first liberation struggle known as the Chimurenga and were subsequently executed as a result. Mudzimu is a Zimbabwean word for ancestral spirit or lion spirit, usually used in reference to the calling of ancient spirits from Shona cultures rich past.

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