M.anifest is a a Ghanaian born MC based in Minneapolis in the American midwest, who infuses in his work his identity as an African in America.

His latest video ‘Suffer’ was shot in Ghana Accra, in his neighborhood Madina and is the the latest single from his upcoming (September 2011) album ‘Coming to America: Immigrant Chronicles’. M.anifest is still in Ghana and sent out this message about the new video: “It’s only fitting that I’m writing you about this release while in Ghana. I see the conditions and people that inspired this song in the first place: from the kayayo to the taxi driver to gari soakings to the frustrating traffic and the beautiful smiles that rest on our faces despite it all. It’s the beauty of the human condition”.

It really feels great to hear an African musician speak about hardships that Africans go through in the diaspora and in the motherland, especially when the music is as good as this. More vim chale.