Logan P McCoy A.K.A Lucky Logan is emceeing from New York in the land of the free and the home of (Zimmerman) the not-so-brave. In the Reincarnation of cool the rapper says ‘I can sneeze ahchoo and still land back on beat’ and he can too, that and many more lyrical manoeuvrings from a bag of styles that’s east coast rhyming in full effect.


They say you can tell a lot about  a man from his chess game, the same way an artist uses colors to sing sonnets so all that you need to learn about this man, his life and his philosophy can be gleaned from his music. Note: This is NOT a tour de force of the Afrobeat phenom taking a slice of that pie called globalization, Lucky Logan is about painting visual landscapes on beats that act more as stage props to his magic act. However, a true albeit poignant fact about today’s hip hop is that the beats, like lunatics having taking over the asylum are very crucial if you want to operate in that rarefied atmosphere where nothing quite succeeds like success in the shape of gold or platinum discs.

Having said that, it was fun listening to the tongue in cheek campfire tales about that chic from the Matrix – you know the one in the red dress, Logan’s imagination morphed her into this gyrating siren and he waxed:

She had a red dress/Picture her dress less/picture her legs spread/body the best yet/probably the best sex/ we should be breast friends/ I would caress them/ she caught me just then/ staring all at her thighs/ that’s when she opens wide/ doing the butterfly– Listen to the track here: Dirty Dancer

Dirty Dancer Cover

You can listen to The Reincarnation of Cool here.

Recently Logan teamed up with a French rapper/Producer who stopped over in New York called ‘The Realistic Shakur’ and with Sdaerd making up this spirited trio they made ‘The music cry‘ all the way from New York to African hip hop and if that isn’t cool to the max, like M.I said in Chairman-‘for the benefit of those that wanna say things/have you eaten today?so why you hating?