Modenine and Ikes lay claim to England for a variety of reasons but they also share Nigerian ancestry with Modenine being known more as that ubiquitous rap legend from the city fondly called ‘Gidis’ in West Africa – that’s Lagos to the uninitiated. Whilst Hackney lays claims to Idris Elba, Labyrinth and the microphone controller known as Ikes.

Both rap-very well and both have made names for themselves for their uncompromising brand of hip hop, street, lyricism on display with that brash in your face swagger that’s says ‘I’m realer than the pain gooners felt when Van Persie went over to Manchester United’, both for some reason have created songs with the same title – ‘Let it go’! which as far as coincidences go is pretty darn strange, but then they say great minds think alike.

Both songs have debuted their official videos on YouTube with Ike’s ‘Let it Go’ chalking an impressive 3,247 views on You Tube and Modenine’s ‘Let it Go’ clocking 10,188 views so far. Both songs take hip hop to different places with Ikes offering a minimalist backdrop ensuring your focus is on him and his lyrical professing as he assures you hustlers are getting older so we lock it back and let it go. Ikes reiterates that ‘Ive been rhyming eight years/built my way to Mayfair/ Now I’m yielding Grey hairs/ Let me Know if I ain’t clear. Mode, the self proclaimed punchline specialist, dropped quotable lines like ‘My bars numb you/I’ve got the anesthetic flow and Shame on Eric Benet for letting Haile Berry go.

The Haile Berry line has generated more than a few witty comments, according to feedback from our readers, as it’s a simple phrase that comes close to approaching a Universal truth being an unspoken thought that hibernates in most guys’ subconscious when watching Haile Berry come up on that silver screen shortly after Eric Benet allegedly gets the Tina Turner blues. Now back to Ikes – not Ike, Ikes Port Mayfair imprint is home to Maleek Berry as well whose production credits include Davido and Wizkid. The jury is out on whether XYZ or Maleek Berry came through for their respective charges in their respective bids to let it go – pun intended.

I like both songs, Ikes for its gritty symbolism, sheer chutzpah and swag, and Modenine for being typical Mode-serving up food for thought on thumping bass drums, so the question on your minds is quite obvious – the best?…

Answer: Let it go, bro, just let it go!