Kids Helping Kids

KHK (Kids Help Kids) is an after school program that teaches humanity through hip hop and offers hope and opportunity to children in some of the world’s most destitute places. The main purpose  of the project is not only to uplift the youth and promote global change but to re-introduce hip hop  and re-instate it’s main values. It also gives children an opportunity to provide clean water, food and educational needs to children in Africa and Haiti while being creative through the art of hip hop.


The kids are educated on a wide range of topics such as education, immigration, health, poverty, self worth and environmental issues. Alongside the project the kids are also given the chance to identify a person or an organization working to create change on a selected issue and honor them through the creation of a hip hop song and video. Once completed, the song and video are sent to the person or organization celebrated in the song as a gift, hoping to build a mentoring relationship for the youth.

Kool Herc representing

The project also grants the kids the chance to perform at Carnegie hall and at Jazz Lincoln Centre to show them that there is an audience for intelligent and conscious music.They are currently setting up shop in Haiti and will be in Africa this fall. Check out the interview above and the video below, and their campaign on Indiegogo where you can share, donate and support!



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