The mighty Ukoo Flani MauMau, Kenya’s hip hop crew spread across different regions and cities, are working on a new album which should come out later this year.
On the occasion of Kenyan elections which are happening today, Ukoo Flani dropped this new video, ‘Demonocrasy’, represented on this track by Ayub Ogada, Chizen Brain, Mc Kah and his older brother Kama (of Kalamashaka fame) and Akula Akwabi (Mandugu Digital) who did the beat. One of the issues addressed in the song is the post election violence which in 2008 killed over 1000 citizens. One of the accused instigators, Uhuru Kenyatta who has been taken to court by the ICC in the Hague (Netherlands), is running for president today.

If you’re looking for their earlier work, the Ukoo has released a DVD containing everything they ever recorded on album, single and video. To order a copy (Ksh 1000) in Kenya call +254 723552523 or grab one of the members when you see them on the streets. Then, Ukoo Flani participated in the Germany-Kenya collabo between producers and emcees from both countries, resulting in the BLNRB album. The video for their ‘Msoto Million’ with Berlin-based Jahcoozi came out last month: