Nomadic Wax releases the second installment of Internationally Known, the most comprehensive ongoing international hip hop mixtape series in the industry.

The mixtape can be download or streamed for free from the Nomadic Wax website here.

The 38-track mixtape presents artists from over 30 countries, and features some of the world’s fastest rising stars, including Zero Plastica (Italy), Modenine (Nigeria), Alesh (D.R.C.), Las Krudas (Cuba), Art Melody (Burkina Faso), Vox Sambou (Haiti), Emile YX (South Africa), and Diamondog (Angola), to name a few.

Originally conceived by pioneering emcee Dumi RIGHT of Zimbabwe Legit, Nomadic Wax’s Dj Magee, and Italy’s Dj Nio, the mixtape series has become home to many of the world’s most interesting young artists. On Vol. 2, Dumi Right continues his hosting duties as NYC heavyweight Dj Boo pilots the listener around the world and back, shedding light on new musical sounds, styles, and artists.

The closing track is “Super MC’s,” a Nomadic Wax exclusive that is this year’s anthem for the international hip hop community. The track rep’s the best from all four corners of the world and solidifies Internationally Known as a tastemaker’s pick for global urban music.


-Dumi RIGHT – “Intro”
-Emile YX? – “Power To The People” (South Africa) (
-Hired Gun, Zajazza, Rabbi D – “Real Recognize Real” (U.S.A./France) (
-Faso Kombat – “Ghetto Bigga” (Burkina Faso) (
-RahZemos & PSL – “The Message” (Lebanon/Canada/Holland) (
-Kimba Mutanda – “Dearest Chid” (Malawi) (
-Indarrap feat. Boneman “Por cada 1 ke planta” (Euskadi) (
-Fid Q & Lord Eyes – “Neno” (Tanzania) (
-The Manhattenites – “Break Down” (U.S.A.) (
-Alesh – “L’elu” (D.R.C.) (
-DARG Team – “Onadekom” (Palestine) ( )
-Art Melody – “Zound Zande” (Burkina Faso) (
-Linkris – “Lion In A Cage” (South Africa) (
-Sagol 59 – “List Of Demands” Shiroto Remix (Israel) (
-Poetes Fyziks – “Yassoma” (Gabon/Burkina Faso) (
-D-Mars– “48”(feat. Kaixo Sama, Elecesar, Sagaz, Payo Malo, UD´n´Delay) (Portugal/Holland) (
-Sa Roc – “The Magnificent Grasshopper” (U.S.A.) -(
-Bells – “Loving You Down” (Nigeria/U.S.A.) (
-Philosofist ft. Med Ziani – “Thasrith Ou’nzar” (Morocco/Spain) (
-Slam ft. Smarty – “Journaliste” (Burkina Faso) (
-Vox Sambou – “Article 14” (Haiti) (
-Dumi RIGHT – “Go in” (Zimbabwe/U.S.A.) (
-M.O.A. f. Rafiya – “Sweet Mother” (Ghana & Congo) (
-Modenine – “Look Chale” (Nigeria/U.K.) (
-Prem Rock & Willie Green – “Diary of A Dreamer” (U.S.A.) (
-Izzy Productions ft. Chachi Carvalho, Kuart K, 4RT Kapa & Shokanti – “Mon Nu Ar” (Cape Verde/U.S.A.)
-Kensho Kuma f. Akua Naru – “Swordz Up! (Jovian Remix) feat. Akua Naru” (Japan/U.S.A.) (
-Las Krudas – “La Gorda” (Cuba)
-Amkoullel – “Ben” (Mali) (
-Gabriel Teodros & Bocafloja – “Sangre Nueva” (U.S.A./Mexico) ( and
-Fredy Massamba – “Molo” (Congo) (
-Diamondog & Infuze – “Say Word” (Angola/U.S.A.) (
-Native Sun – “The Anthem” (Mozambique/U.K.) (
-D-Mars -“Bate Palmas” (Portugal/Holland) (
-Zero Plastica – “Internationally Known” (Italy) (
-Cenzi – “Chocolate y Cafe” (Chile) (
-Nomadic Wax f. Omar Offendum, Ceschi, Jarabe Del Sol, Outspoken, Lou Piensa, El Hajji B, M.O.A., Dj Nio & Dj Boo – “Super MC’s”
-Dumi RIGHT – “Outro”