Hip hop artists from around the world gathered at the Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival 2012 (also see our write-up about the 2013 edition). Nomadic Wax was there to capture them in two epic ciphers. This Day #1 (Friday) cipher features artists from the DRC, Mozambique, Senegal, USA, Canada, Iraq, the UK, France, and Portugal.

Artists: Self Suffice, Mos Eisley (Sweatshop Union), Def3 (Sweatshop Union), Guti-Angel Espanol, Baay Musa, Waterflow, Mohammed Yahya, the Narcicyst, Apkass, Zee Santiago.
Percussion: Dan Cantor (Dumbek), Ben Herson (Drum Kit)
Video Series Producer: Nomadic Wax
Exec. Producer: Magee & Greg Schick
Producer: Amanda Macchia
Editor: Magee
Recording: Notable Productions
Mixed/Audio Post Production: Notable Production
Live Recording Team: Daniel Cantor, Matt Lloyd, Charles Anastasia, Allison House
Cameras: Magee & Amanda Mansson
Venue: Trinity College International Hip Hop Festival