Good news from Dakar. Duggy Tee, the ‘other half’ of Senegalese hip hop duo Positive Black Soul (PBS) is back. The emcee/singer whose career in hip hop spans over twenty years disappeared from the spotlights somewhere after the release of PBS’ last international album ‘Run Cool’ in 2001. In the past decade he did release a couple of solo albums but didn’t quite make it back to the international stages he ruled in the late 90s, while his fellow rapper Awadi toured the African continent and Europe by himself.

Then in 2009 Duggy and Awadi reunited on stage to celebrate twenty years of Positive Black Soul. Two years down the line, Duggy is in the middle of releasing a trilogy of albums: Ngem (faith), Fit (courage) and Jom (honour). When he first announced the release of the first album in the series (2005), Duggy had already recorded fifty songs, only 30 of which were supposed to see the light of day.

The topic of the new single ‘Fulani’ – taken from the forthcoming album ‘Jom’ – refers to the Fulani (also called Peul or Fula) people of northern Senegal. Singer Baaba Maal is probably the world’s most famous Fula speaker. The song and video suggest a possible comeback of Duggy Tee on the international scene.