Will this go down in history? While Kanye’s ‘Diamonds from Sierra Leone’ was graced with an intro by Sierra Leone born emcee Chosan, now Kanye is appearing on a video by an African artist – the long awaited official video for ‘Oliver Twist’. Not a hip hop record, but D’banj was signed to Kanye’s label GOOD music, and we can see how mainstream U.S. hip hop and modern African beats are getting closer to each other than they have ever been.

A few questions sit on our mind after watching this: what happened to the results of the Oliver Twist competition, wasn’t the winner supposed to be featured in the official video? How did that white guy get in there – didn’t he have something to do with Azonto (and thus, Ghana)? And most importantly: is this video still going to do much for the track’s popularity or has the Oliver  Twist seen its biggest success already in this age of instant gratification?

In other news, last weekend D’Banj’s business partner and label boss Don Jazzy announced that the two will no longer be working together, or rather he confirmed rumours that had been circulating, without mentioning what exactly happened.