It’s the last African Hip Hop Radio show of the year already, and indeed 2013 went by without us paying attention to the fact that the show has been in existence for 15 years already (see here for a press release from 1998, when we still used the Rumba-Kali handle).
This month, Red Light Radio has returned all their show uploads to the Soundcloud platform, which we agree are a little easier to handle (fast forwarding is easier).


In the December show we have two world premiers: a track from Terror MC’s forthcoming album ‘The Bio’, and all three tracks from the Boom Africa EP which is about to be available in the coming weeks. In the second hour, Amal and J4 interview Bamba Nazar aka Dj Threesixty who produced and recorded the Boom Africa project with the vocal contributions of, among others, Kalaf (Buraka Som Sistema), Gery Mendes (GMB), OKmalumkoolkat and Nastio Mosquito. The EP is a free download that will be available in the coming weeks – keep an eye on our Twitter account or the website for the link.

Other brand new hip hop this month includes ‘Hello Kitty’ by Tumi, ‘Mungu ibariki Afrika’ by Watengwa (JCB’s group), ‘Happiness’ by Zubz from his Dragon Lion Full Circle album (free download here), the Channel O award winning ‘Jealousy’ by AKA and ‘Last days’ from American emcee Asheru’s South African themed album.

Playlist African Hip Hop Radio – December 2013
Terror MC – Feel die vibe
Watengwa – Mungu ibariki Afrika
Celso OPP – Rap di rua
Riky Rick – Amantombazane feat. Okmalumkoolkat
AKA – Jealousy
Burna Boy – Yawadey
Tumi – Hello Kitty
Zubz – Happiness ft Olufemi
Fredy Massamba – Malembe
John Wizards – Lusaka By Night
Tabu Ley Rochereau – Kaful Mayay
Theadora Ifudu – Hello There
Nelson Freitas – Sinti Sabe
Boom Africa – Lobolo
Boom Africa – Good morning
Ken wa Maria – Fundamentals
Boom Africa – Africa
Matador – Yaye Boye
Asheru ft HHP – Last days
Yaa Pono – Amen
Whizkid feat Femi Kuti-  Jaiye Jaiye
Dj Serpent Noir – La Go Attoto
Gery Mendes (GMB) – Way Back Home
Debruit & Alsarah – Jiba Alnuba